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Competence in Nuclear Medicine.

IASON is a leading specialist in Europe for the development, production and distribution of radiopharmaceuticals for positron-emission-tomography (PET). Curium acquired IASON in June of 2021, further expanding its footprint in Europe for its broad portfolio of life saving diagnostic solutions. Learn more on the Curium website here

Since its foundation in 1994, IASON has constantly introduced new and innovative products and has made them accessible to nuclear medicine.

As an innovative pharmaceutical company, we are also well known for our state-of-the-art laboratory equipment for the analysis of special parameters of the thyroid gland and bone metabolism.


PET radiopharmaceuticals with Marketing Authorizations*


EU countries in which IASON holds Marketing Authorizations

CE certified Medicinal Products


Times a finalist in the European Business Awards

*Sogacin®/TOCscan®: commercialized by IASON in Austria and France for ITG Garching, Germany

Innovative products
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Together with medicine, IASON serves the patient with competence

The core competences of IASON include the distribution of pharmaceuticals with a very short shelf-life, as well as the  implementation of safety tools for radioactivity and  of the most modern hygienic standards for the handling of pharmaceuticals.


A cyclotron is at the heart of the complex production process for our PET radiopharmaceuticals. In addition, IASON develops and manufactures lab kits and specialised products for the target groups nuclear medicine and laboratory medicine and supplies them to customers worldwide.


IASON is one of the most innovative companies in the field. Therefore, Research & Development plays a key role in maintaining this leading position. One major objective set by IASON’s management is to bring a new PET radiopharmaceutical to Marketing Authorization every two years.


Drawing on years of experience in this highly complex field, IASON disposes of profound competency and expert knowledge in the operation of cyclotron based production plants for the manufacture of radiopharmaceuticals.

Advantages of PET/CT Scans with our innovative pharmaceuticals


Change of therapeutic concept


Better outcome and prognosis of patient


Increase of life expectancy and quality of life


Cost optimization of patient care

Innovative products for our customers

USP and the most important product group of IASON are clearly our PET radiopharmaceuticals Efdege®, IASOcholine® (Pcolina®), IASOflu®, IASOdopa® and IASOglio® , for which IASON holds Marketing Authorizations in many EU countries. In addition, the company group provides a broad range of medicinal products (kits and laboratory machines) for Nuclear Medicine, chemical starting materials for pharmaceutical production (e.g. O-18 enriched water), and even professional analyses of radiation exposure of flight crews (IASON F.R.E.E.).


Career at IASON

Looking for a job at an innovative company? IASON offers an exciting range of careers at the forefront of scientific innovation. Learn more about IASON and the opportunities available.

IASON has its origins in the trade of innovative medical technology products. As a specialist for the production of radioactive pharmaceuticals, IASON helped to bring the method of positron-emission-tomography (PET) to Austria in the late 1990ies. Today, IASON one of the most innovative companies in the field.

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