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IASOcholine Hardware Kit

The IASOcholine® hardware cassette is a sterile single use plastic cassette, specially designed to produce IASOcholine® ([¹⁸F] Fluoro-Choline) with GE TRACERlab MXFDG according to the IASON dossier for IASOcholine®. IASOcholine® hardware cassette was developed under strict quality assurance aspects and due to long year experiences in PET tracer development and synthesis. The IASOcholine® hardware cassettes …

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IASOcholine Chemicals Kit

Kit Components Conditioning material: 2 Syringes 10ml Luer Lock with closure (Content: 10ml 0.2mol/l NaOH) 2 Syringes 10ml Luer Lock with closure (Content: 10ml H2O (WFI)) Synthesis: 10ml vial, red crimp cap (Content: 0.3ml Dibrommethane in 3ml Acetonitrile) 10ml vial, blue crimp cap (Content: 7ml Acetonitrile) 1 Syringe 10ml Luer Lock with closure (Content: 10ml …

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EFDEGE Chemicals Kit

Efdege® Chemicals Kit IASON consists of following components: Eluent solution Acetonitrile Ethanol NaOH Solution Buffer Solution Water for Injection Precursor Mannose triflate manufactured in GMP certified facility, separately packaged (3 in 1 package) Efdege® Chemicals Kit IASON contains all chemical starting materials required for the radiopharmaceutical production of Efdege® ([¹⁸F]-FDG) using the GE TRACERlab MXFDG …

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Step 01


Sterile H2O enriched in oxygen-18 ≥ 98% Stepwise production for high flexibility, high output and low production times Non-stop operation due to advanced automation and monitoring of production procedure Fully redundant vacuum and cooling system with monitoring and control system Emergency notification of operation with state-of-the-art techniques Advanced quality control mechanisms for in process and …

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