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IASON is a leading specialist in the development, production and distribution of radiopharmaceuticals for application in positron-emission-tomography (PET). Curium acquired IASON in June of 2021, further expanding its footprint in Europe for its broad portfolio of life saving diagnostic solutions.
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Our Mission

IASON has its origins in the trade of innovative medical technology products. As a specialist for the production of radioactive pharmaceuticals, IASON helped to bring the method of positron-emission-tomography (PET) to Austria in the late 1990ies. Today, IASON is one of the most innovative companies in the field and supplies specialized PET radiopharmaceuticals to private and public hospitals all across Europe.

Our Vision

IASON is headquartered in Graz and owns and operates two state-of-the-art radiopharmaceutical production sites in Austria (Linz and Klagenfurt). Since June 2021 we are part of the Curium Group, contributing to strengthening Curium's position aas market leader in Europe for the development, production and distribution of PET radiopharmaceuticals. The well-being of the patients is at the heart of all our efforts, motivating us to continuously strive to improve our products.

Our Guiding Principles

Production and delivery of our sensitive products meet highest quality standards, following national (e.g. AMBO 2009) and international regulations (e.g. GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice, GDP – Good Distribution Practice, ADR – transport of dangerous goods etc). Our employees are highly trained and following strict guidelines and internal procedures when carrying out their complex tasks. IASON is also certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 Management System.

IASON helps thousands

of patients afflicted

with cancer to live

longer and better lives!

Our Management

In June 2021 IASON was acquired by Curium. Managing Directors of IASON GmbH are Mr Benoit Woessmer and Mr Xavier Defourt.
As of 1st May 2022, all PET business activities have been transferred from IASON to ARGOS Zyklotron Betriebs Ges.m.b.H. Mr Maximilian Hudl joined the company as new operative Managing Director of ARGOS, so that as of May 2022 the management of ARGOS is made up of Mr Woessmer, Mr Defourt and Mr Hudl.

Our Culture

When IASON was founded and named, reference was made to Greek mythology. Therefore, despite not being active in the cultural field, IASON attaches great importance to cultural matters.

IASON: our name is derived from Greek mythology and designates the famous leader of the Argonauts. The story of IASON is the path of a hero and his fight for justice. His journey serves us as a shining example with regard to our entrepreneurial thinking and acting.

The journey of the Argonauts took place before the Trojan War and numerous heroic deeds were accomplished during this time. Aeson, who is supposed to succeed the throne in Iolcos, is expelled by his stepbrother Pelias. Aeson saves his young son Iason by bringing him to the Centaur Chiron. 

Iason is taught in different areas of medicine and acquires extensive knowledge in the art of healing. By the time he is grown up, he returns to Iolcos to claim his heritage. 

Iason reveals himself to be Aeson’s son, and Pelias agrees that, if Iason is able to obtain the Golden Fleece (alongside accomplishing other heroic deeds), he would regain his heritage. 

This is exactly what the company IASON identifies with:

to strive every day for the well-being of the people and to master great challenges!


IASON‘s core competence lies in the development, production and distribution of radioactive pharmaceuticals for application in Positron-Emission-Tomography (PET). Our USPs are clearly our Marketing Authorizations (MAs) which we hold for our products in several European countries (see /products).

Our products Efdege®, IASOcholine®, IASOflu®, IASOdopa® and IASOglio® are mainly used for PET, a technique used for producing high-resolution images of cancer, but application today also extends to a growing number of non-oncological indications, e.g. the detection of micro-fissures of the spine in case of back-pain of ambiguous origin. PET radiopharmaceuticals are considered to be consumables required for positron-emission-tomography.

New PET radiopharmaceuticals are constantly being developed into a marketable commodity in the R&D department of the company group. The company policy is to bring a new product to Marketing Authorization every two years. IASON is the only producer world-wide who has received Marketing Authorizations (which is equivalent to the American FDA approval) for six different radiopharmaceuticals for PET. 

Our PET radiopharmaceuticals are produced at the company-owned production sites in Linz and Klagenfurt at night and are delivered to the hospitals in the early morning hours. These products only have a half-life of about two hours, which means that after this time, half of the product has already disappeared. This timely production and delivery to the hospital is one of the key competences of IASON.

Our Business Model


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O-18 enriched water is one of the key starting materials required for the production process.




A cyclotron (a small particle accelerator) is at the heart of the complex production process.



Tracer Synthesis

The tracers are synthesized by means of specialized dispensing systems.


patient who receives an injection to an arm

i. v. Injection

The finished tracers are delivered to the hospitals in the early morning hours, where the patients are already fully prepared for the PET Scanning.



PET/CT Scanning

After the injection, the patient must wait a pre-defined period of time for the tracer to be distributed in the body before the PET scanning can begin.


pet scan step 6


The results of the PET scanning help doctors understand their patients’ condition and plan the next therapeutic steps.

National Winner


IASON has been a three-time finalist in the European Business Awards (2014, 2017 and 2019), a prestigious business competition that rewards companies for their excellence in innovation and ethics.
The category in which IASON advanced to the European finals in 2020 was the ‘Customer and Market Engagement Award with turnover €0-25M’.

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