IASOcholine Chemicals Kit

Chemical starting materials for the production of IASOcholine®

Kit Components

Conditioning material:
2 Syringes 10ml Luer Lock with closure (Content: 10ml 0.2mol/l NaOH)
2 Syringes 10ml Luer Lock with closure (Content: 10ml H2O (WFI))

10ml vial, red crimp cap (Content: 0.3ml Dibrommethane in 3ml Acetonitrile)
10ml vial, blue crimp cap (Content: 7ml Acetonitrile)
1 Syringe 10ml Luer Lock with closure (Content: 10ml Ethanol ph. EU)
1.2ml vial (Content: 0.6ml Eluent solution (Kryptofix2.2.2, K2CO3, Acetonitrile, H2O))
50ml vial (Content: 50 ml physiologic NaCl Solution (0.9% NaCl solution))
1 Syringe 3ml (Content: for application of physiologic NaCl solution into synthesis)

Therapeutic indications. This medicinal product is for diagnostic use only.

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