IASON Aircrew Dosimetry utilizes proprietary computer software to accurately calculate radiation exposure of commercial aircrews according to the actual flight profile and current solar activity.

This analytical method is regularly compared to current experimental data and shown to be remarkably accurate.
Our department is called IASON F.R.E.E. (Flight Route Effective dose Estimation) and is part of the IASON GmbH. We are an accredited testing laboratory according to ISO 17025.


Capt. Dipl.-Ing (DH) Michael Schneider
IASON – Aircrew Dosimetry
Feldkirchner Straße 4
A-8054 Graz Seiersberg
Phone: +43 (316) 284 300 169
Fax: +43 (316) 284 300 114
Email: michael.schneider(at)iason(dot)eu

IASON F.R.E.E. now also offer specialist courses in radiation protection for flying personnel in accordance with §47 Strahlenschutzverordnung (D). If you are interested, please contact Mr DI Michael Schneider, who is a trained radiation protection engineer and flight captain (ret.).

Therapeutic indications. This medicinal product is for diagnostic use only.

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